integration № 28

«The Great Spinner Makosh / Royal Red and Blue»

material: canvas/oil size: 75 × 60 cm    year: 2023

Gems for inspiration

A long time ago, when there were no people, not even the Earth itself, and the Universe was in primordial chaos, only the Great Heavenly Weaver spun the endless thread of life in the Universe.
She twisted shapeless bundles of chaos into tight threads of life, wound them on her spindle and, when the ball became large, she took it off the spindle and threw it into the ocean of the Universe.”
From the book “Carols”

There is a lot of adult in the ability to admit one’s powerlessness.

Only the Ego does not want to accept its own weakness, it wants undivided power.

When one’s own powerlessness is recognized, a person opens up to a greater power that is beyond the personal “I.”

Strength is born from powerlessness.

One comes after another, like day after night.