integration № 1

«Integration of spiritual and material»

material: canvas/oil size: 60*40 cm   year: 2021

Gems for inspiration

Stones have endless variations in lines and colors. Crystals rejoice optical depth.⠀

Gemstones, in addition to their beauty, also have various properties that affect the person’s feelings and state.⠀⠀

Closing my eyes, I remember how the toy kaleidoscope evoked children’s delight.⠀
And once I found a secret place near an old factory in broken multi-colored stones:⠀

“Now I collect these gems, put them in my pockets and quickly go home, until my mother comes home from work. ”

As I pedaled the bike, I felt the pleasant excitement of the thought of what beauty and wealth is now clinking in my pockets on the way home.⠀