integration № 21


material: canvas/oil size: 90 × 80 cm   year: 2022

Gems for inspiration

First there was the Big Bang.

Silence, emptiness and cold.
Then an incredible thing appeared in space – warm, luminous. Spring has come, accelerated to an hour.

Millions of buds burst, the air is flooded with light. Around – radiance, life, singing of birds. A woman is born.

They say pleasure is a feminine feeling.⠀
But to get to it, you have to let go of the guilt for this pleasure and meet your inner girl, who at some point simply closed herself off from the world and herself because of fear.⠀

But she is like a beautiful flower, giving beauty and joy around.⠀
She does not need to rush anywhere, burdening herself with obligations.⠀

She can rejoice and enjoy life here and now.⠀
⠀I don’t know how it happens – completing the picture, I felt this energy – it is thick and viscous. Probably, this is the very vital energy – female.⠀