integration № 22


material: canvas/oil size: 88 × 88 cm   year: 2022

Gems for inspiration

The white canvas of this painting was waiting in the studio for 7 months of my transformation to be born in this period of global change. ⠀

It is about a deep sense of the unity of the spiritual and material, which must be found within oneself in order to carry this unity to the outside world.⠀

The struggle of opposites is always rejection and resistance as components of pain, which manifest themselves as condemnation (E. Tolle “The Power of the Present”). It is possible to unseal the heart from this pain by experiencing all emotions and feelings, removing the condemnation and prohibition on their manifestation. ⠀

I have been looking for this unity within myself for a long time. Feeling locked in a large cocoon, I really wanted to get out of it into the big world without losing myself. At a deep level, I felt this as a rejection of the world, which will cause me a lot of pain at every turn. ⠀

Perhaps, with this picture, I received the main sensory experience, which gives a person the inner state of his unconditional value and the realization that when you come into this world, you a priori change it for the better. ⠀
Because for me this project is like another child, and each picture, born from the subconscious, as it was physically realized, deeply transformed me from the inside so that it corresponded to it on a sensual level. ⠀
This realization gave me the opportunity to feel a sense of great gratitude for my child project, and to understand that any child always gives growth to his parent if he is ready to change. ⠀
This is the basic feeling for a person that removes from him a possible sense of guilt and internal debt for his birth and gives a feeling of unconditional value and contribution to this world. The feeling of this gratitude to yourself determines the internal acceptance of the material world.⠀

Therefore, unity for me is that vital energy that leads to growth and development, and not destruction. It gives a person a sense of his value and integrity, an awareness of his creative power in this world. ⠀

P.s. In the carousel are the words of R. Yuldashev, they are about the depth and connection of a person with the Almighty.⠀