integration № 2


material: canvas/oil size: 110 × 80 cm   year: 2021

Gems for inspiration

Studying the endless variations of lines, points, bends, colors of stones, you seem to be immersed in space, which cannot be repeated and come into contact with the art created by the Creator.

As well as art created by man, in which the very shapes, colors, points, lines affect all human senses (Kandinsky wrote about this in his treatises “On the Spiritual in Art” (1911) and “Point and Line on a Plane” ( 1926)), and the precious stones themselves, in addition to their beauty, also have various properties that affect the feelings and state of a person.

The whole process of creating a picture is the constant use of the conscious and unconscious part at the same time.

First, simple shapes are created, which are then filled with a common characteristic pattern inherent in any stone. But at the same time, each drawn line, bend is completely immersion in oneself, immersion in the space of lines and color, in which there is no possibility of their repetition.