About project

The “Integration” project is paintings that were born from an internal foresight of the transition that the world is currently making through the destruction of the old, as well as a personal vision of integration in art based on knowledge about art and scientific facts from different fields.

“Integration” in general is about the unity of dualities (spiritual and material), which is now being talked about not only by spiritual teachers, but also by the world’s leading business experts.

Such unity, in my opinion, can be obtained through contact with one’s sensual inner world. I feel feelings as energies, knowing which, a person comes into contact with the spiritual and gains real freedom.

In order to become one who unites in today’s realities of the world, one must do this, first of all, with oneself – to connect energies, feelings, to find Peace, first of all, within oneself, in order to carry this Unity outside.

Essence of project

The project has been created since the end of 2020 and is based on scientific knowledge obtained from various sources – psychology, quantum physics, biomineralogy, crystallography (Vernadsky V.I.) and deep personal spiritual experience in art.

“Integration” is abstract paintings of different moods and colors, broadcasting visual images of different sensory states, in which figurative is also found at the semantic level, because reproduce the structure of minerals.

In this author’s vision of the creative synthesis of figurative and abstract art, which was the result of a personal spiritual search for the inner unity of the spiritual and material, as well as a further study of art as the facets of a large crystal, integrating them in my works, I see the theoretical value of the project.

“Integration” is also the study of emotional intelligence (as a transformative energy), sacred geometry and the spiritual path that a person goes through contact with himself through feelings and deep knowledge about the internal properties of minerals.

It is about how to bring a person back into contact with his feelings through the visual images in the picture and, thus, give an inner spiritual support in a new changing reality. This is the practical value of my project.

History of creation

“Who looks outside – sees only dreams; Whoever looks into himself awakens.” K. Jung

Back in 2020, I was so far from crystals, quantum physics and other sciences. Like, probably, any artist, I often asked myself: where is my place in art?

Practicing work with the subconscious for a long time, in one of the deep meditations I saw a picture with jewels, but at that time I lacked theoretical knowledge and I did not understand why the subconscious showed me them.

Drawing jewels for the sake of jewels seemed to me frivolous and hype. I even tried to look for whether someone draws such things, it turned out that in this form – no. ⠀
Six months later, I still decided to trust my inner vision and try.

From the first picture it dawned on me: this is the Integration of the spiritual and the material. I didn’t fully understand why it was integration, so I was wildly scared to say it in public, but inside this information clearly sank in me and did not let go. Integration is integration..


And from that moment on, everything started. By itself, information began to come to me, which gave me the opportunity to reveal this topic more deeply, and every time I learned something new, a great spiritual upgrade happened inside me.

Now I am very grateful to myself for trusting my inner feelings and walking this path, overcoming a great fear of condemnation and someone’s misunderstanding. I saw how the subconscious can be ahead of consciousness and logic.⠀

With this project, I got to know myself much deeper. Many pictures in the process of writing released my feelings, I internally pulled myself up to the state that the picture broadcasts and learned a lot about myself and about the energy of the universe.

Author’s vision of integration
in art

The “Integration” project is based on the law of duality: when two opposites form one whole.

The main dualities that I have integrated into one whole in art are abstract art and figurative (subjective) art.

At one time, Malevich, with his Black Square, freed painting from the subject. In short, his idea was to stop copying the nature and recognizable shapes of objects. He writes: “An artist can be a creator when the forms of his paintings have nothing to do with nature.”

At that moment, I asked myself a question: these are two dualities (abstraction and figurative) – then what is the whole that consists of these two opposites? Is it possible to see this duality as one whole?

My answer was a picture with an image of jewelry, which the subconscious mind saw in meditation.

I see minerals as a unity of these opposites – figurative (the stones themselves, as an object of nature) and abstraction (lines, colors, dots in stones with an innumerable variety of their external forms).

In addition, I feel the stones as the contact of the material and the spiritual, as well as the art of man.

Therefore, for me, minerals are an art of a higher order, because I saw in them the direction of art as the facets of a crystal that artists discovered and, probably, the most important thing from which art is repelled is feelings and emotions. In the stones – the flow of energy and electromagnetic vibrations, coherent with human feelings.

“In crystals there is clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and although we cannot understand this life, it is a living being.”


In the history of art, I am especially interested in the avant-garde period, in which artists went into depth and discovered the main trends in art. These directions can be seen as the facets and properties of crystals, which were also not discovered immediately or in parallel with their appearance:

  • Fauvism – the purity and richness of color and its ability to influence the viewer’s feelings (variety of colors in minerals);
  • Expressionism – an expression of the internal state with the help of lines and colors (minerals have internal vibrations that affect the human condition, including due to the beauty of lines and colors).
  • Cubism as the largest trend in the avant-garde – the simplification of art by returning to basic geometric forms (geometric forms of crystals, which are closely intertwined with sacred geometry depicting forms of being);
  • Abstractionism – avoiding familiar forms, sensations only through color, lines and shapes (a variety of shapes, colors, lines of stones);
  • Futurism is a direction that arose during the period of the industrial revolution and hostilities, while the paintings resemble gems that expressed the energy of movement (at the same time, crystals began to be actively used in the military industry – for example, tons of crystal were urgently mastered at the Astafyevskoy’s field for the production of military equipment in period of war; the movement of energy is also present in the stones).
  • Analytical method of the outstanding master of the Russian avant-garde P.N. Filonov, who assumed the organic or crystalline “growth” of the picture as a living organism (minerals are also something living, inside which their own life takes place, manifested in the form of crystallization and energy vibrations of the crystal).
  • Performance, ready-made, etc. (in contact with crystals, it is possible to “happen” immersion in the internal state, feel the feelings and the impact of minerals on a person; stones can also be used not only as luxury items, but also found in easy accessibility, for example, on the road , and use in everyday life or in creativity).

About integration, feelings
and spirituality in crystals

Ichak Adizes, advisor to governments and heads of the largest companies in the world:

“What is the future of humanity? Where are we going?

They say the future is the heart… What is integration? This is the heart. We must begin to manage from the heart.

Therefore, the driving force of the company will not be the brain. It will be love.
For thousands of years we lived in a male society. The future is the heart – integration. I believe that female energy is the future.

The future is masculine and feminine energies working together, which means “we move forward together”…
This is the future of governance, this is the future of leadership, this is the future of our civilization.”

Everything that I. Adizes says resonates with me very much. For me, the heart is a place where you can feel the energy of love. When a person has learned to live his feelings, he opens his heart to the environment, inner intuition, feeling energies and spirituality.

Professor of neuroscience, psychology and philosophy Antonio Damasio:
“Feelings are integral germs of human culture, incorporating art, philosophical research, moral systems, etc.”


He draws the enormous evolutionary and informational value of the senses in order to refute the notion that they are just an ornament of consciousness.

I completely agree with him and also believe that working with your feelings is an inevitable reality of our time.

“If you want to unravel the mysteries of the Universe, think in terms of Energy, frequency and vibrations.”


“Geometry is the knowledge of what exists forever.”


How are crystals related to spirituality?

First of all, for me, feelings and emotions are the spiritual component of art that has nothing to do with aesthetics, which I. Kant spoke about in his Critique of the Ability of Judgment.

At the same time, in crystals – the flow of energy and electromagnetic vibrations, coherent to human feelings.

In addition, spirituality for me is something that is connected with the energy of the Universe.

And the connection of crystals with it lies through the geometry of crystalline atomic lattices and the sacred geometry of forms, which reflects the fractal-holographic structure of the Universe, based on knowledge about the electromagnetic nature of everything that exists, research in quantum physics.

In the context of what has been said, Minerals are the only creations whose internal structure is formed by a variety of geometric shapes, incl. Platonic solids, which can be inscribed in the Flower of Life and which, thus, include the geometry of the structure of the Universe.

If you look at history, you can see a special attitude towards stones in religion. For example, in the book of Exodus, the High Priest Aaron was instructed by the Almighty to sew special clothes, incl. Bib and sew on it 12 different gems. Aaron wore these clothes on special days when he communicated with God.

Many icons were decorated and are still decorated with precious stones.

A stone of unknown origin is screwed into the shrine of Muslims, the Kaaba, and while circumambulating the Kaaba, pilgrims touch it with great reverence.