integration № 3


material: canvas/oil size: 120 ×90 cm   year: 2021

Gems for inspiration

Once having learned the experience, when you give the reins of control to the subconscious, and your body is a conductor of information, amazing things happen, you just have to connect trust to everything that happens.

So it was with this picture.

Practicing theta meditation in my life, I wanted to depict the energy of the 7th plane, a snow-white pearl fog that envelops you, and you dissolve in it. This is how the background of the painting was born.

Through trust in my body and hands, asking the subconscious what love is – the hand drew an incomprehensible contour to me. Only when I transferred this outline to the picture, I suddenly saw in it the outlines of the planet on which we live and understood the meaning of what my subconscious gave me.

Here it is love … not only energy, but also the material plane of the Earth on which we live.
As an integration of the dualities of the spiritual and the material, abstract and non-objective painting in this picture, a garnet is taken – a stone of love.