integration № 23

«You are the Value»

material: canvas/oil size: 110 × 70 cm   year: 2022

Gems for inspiration

Each success is like a gem that originates from the origins of childhood.

From what value your parents saw and said in you, you either live with a sense of self-sufficiency and give this value to the world or do everything to prove it.

The picture was waiting for me to get acquainted with the work of the spiritual teacher Peruquois in order to put in itself the lines of her song “Be yourself”. These are the words that maybe someone never heard from their mother:

“Be yourself,
All other roles are already filled.
Be yourself,
Listen with your heart.
Be yourself
Shine like a diamond – YOU ARE THE JEWEL
A beautiful shining star.
Be yourself,
The greatest work of art…”

Mom is malachite
Dad – blue jasper
Achievements of life – a scattering of topazes on mother-of-pearl