integration № 12

«Three Wise Men»

material: canvas/oil size: 110 × 80 cm   year: 2021

Gems for inspiration

To the very horizon you see the oceans of sands, the scorching sun and the slippery tracks of the cobra from the dune and onto the dune.
The source of life in the desert Oasis – a real treasure in the hot expanses.

But this is not what the Three Wise Men are looking for, wandering along the hot sands, overcoming heat and thirst.
The desert keeps silence for thousands of years, and only in this silence will they be able to hear the inner voice that speaks the truth about themselves.

Three Wise Men: Carnelian is a stone of well-being and love;
Oasis: Chromdioxide – a stone that takes away negative energy and nourishes it with positive;
Desert: Yellow Jasper is a stone that helps connect with God and the energies of the earth.