project «Integration»

« Art is born from feelings.
Living them, we become free. »


About me

My name is Elvira Kamaletdinova.

I was born in 1982 in the Republic of Bashkortostan. Currently I live and work in Ufa.

I have been a freelance artist for over 10 years now, although since childhood I have always drawn with passion. This change of activity was my big step out of the system, which I was not comfortable with.

I studied painting on maternity leave mainly through online platforms from leading Russian artists. For 8 years I developed as a classical artist, participated in various exhibitions and competitions.

At the same time, my great passion was psychology, which developed my ability to dive into the subconscious and the skill of deep living my feelings.

Having come into contact with my true self, there was also a simultaneous contact with something bigger – I reached the level of feeling energies…


About project

The “Integration” project is paintings that were born from an internal foresight of the transition that the world is currently making through the destruction of the old, as well as a personal vision of integration in art based on knowledge about art and scientific facts from different fields.

“Integration” in general is about the unity of dualities (spiritual and material), which is now being talked about not only by spiritual teachers, but also by the world’s leading business experts.

Such unity, in my opinion, can be obtained through contact with one’s sensual inner world. I feel feelings as energies, knowing which, a person comes into contact with the spiritual and gains real freedom…