integration № 24

«Soul path»

material: canvas/oil size: 70 × 50 cm   year: 2022

Gems for inspiration

This picture is dedicated to my mother.⠀

The picture “originates” from the basis of everything – the principle of the Trinity, in which the birth and entry of man into the material world. ⠀
Its direction is movement and development in the material world, followed by a transition to another dimension.⠀

In the process of writing and completing the work, I was able to see and accept this path of the soul at a sensual level.⠀

The principle of trinity, as well as the soul entering the material world – Vanadinite. The stone helps to accept the physical body and ground the soul in reality.⠀⠀
Earthly life is Malachite, which for the first time I decided to additionally “encrust” with an emerald.⠀

Energy plan where the soul goes after:⠀
Yellow (sunny) diamond is one of the most expensive diamonds and an interesting fact is that some yellow diamonds come from outer space (as part of meteorites).⠀
Larimar is a stone of volcanic origin, therefore it is considered a stone born from fire. It has the color of the sea depths and heavenly expanses, therefore it has an extraordinary inner strength and support of the three elements.